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Software Engineer: Infrastructure Modeling Engineer



Software Engineering, Other Engineering
San Mateo, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, November 18, 2021
Observe is a SaaS Observability product which enables businesses to investigate modern distributed applications 10x faster. Observe ingests anything with a timestamp (e.g. system and application logs, metrics, and traces), and then structures that data so that it is correlated and easy to navigate. We enable engineers to spend more time coding features and less time investigating incidents. Finally, because of Observe’s unique elastic architecture, it is priced based on usage, making it cost 10x less than incumbents. Watch this video to learn more about our mission.
Traditional approaches to this problem have resulted in fragmented tooling and fragile dashboards which, in turn, have resulted in exploding costs and complexity. At Observe, we believe that the core challenge lies in organizing and relating telemetry data emitted by those applications, despite the fact it is constantly changing. Solving this data problem makes observability and order of magnitude easier, faster, and less expensive. At Observe, we didn’t set out to build another monitoring tool company, we set out to build a data company. Observe is founded by top enterprise VC Sutter Hill Ventures and has a founding team from leading Enterprise SaaS companies Snowflake, Splunk, and Wavefront.
What does a Observability Engineer do?
You can’t fix what you can’t measure. Towards that end, Observe is looking for folks who can help us build 3rd-party integrations to ingest and make sense of streams of real-time operational telemetry (e.g. logs, performance metrics, events, etc.) from the diverse spectrum of infrastructure and applications that our customers run their businesses on: AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes, CI/CD platforms, and whatever other critical software infrastructure a customer might have. Beyond collecting and storing the raw data from these sources, Observe adds structure and context to it, in order to help our users answer questions about the services and infrastructure they are responsible for (e.g. How are my APAC servers doing? Which users were affected by that outage?).
As a Software Engineer specializing in “Integrations” at Observe, your role would be to implement reusable solutions to connect the “last mile” between our customers’ critical infrastructure components and Observe’s flexible Observability platform.


  • Design and develop applications to support collection and display of observability data.
  • Creating and maintaining Observe “Dataset Packages” to structure and contextualize telemetry data we collect. For example, our package for AWS includes Datasets that relate EC2 Instances to Elastic Network Interfaces to VPCs to VPC Flow Logs. These relationships help short-circuit the process of troubleshooting or auditing this complex infrastructure.
  • Establishing best practices (or implementing whatever APIs are needed) in order to ingest real-time telemetry from a wide variety of sources. For example, we’ve recently built new API integrations for AWS Kinesis, Heroku LogPlex, Snowflake, and more. Our customers have a long tail of additional data sources they want to ingest in Observe, including Azure AKS, Jenkins, Harness, ServiceNow, and many, many more.
  • Acting as a first line of support for our intrepid Sales Engineers as they work through the process of proving the value of Observe’s “Observability” solution in early customer engagements. You are not on the front line, but your work directly supports those who are.


  • You have shipped production code in a few languages. You are comfortable with creating, testing, peer reviewing, and releasing software in a CI/CD environment.
  • You have experience with one or more of the following C++, Python, Go, Javascript.
  • You have used or are familiar with the tools our customers are familiar with (e.g. Datadog, Grafana, Splunk, Nagios, etc.), and have practical knowledge about the high-level questions someone working in an Development, SRE or Ops role might have of their telemetry data.
  • Experience configuring and deploying open-source data collectors (e.g. fluentd/fluentbit, logstash/filebeat, prometheus, telegraf, etc.) and/or building dashboards with Grafana, Kibana, Datadog, Tableau, or similar is a plus.
  • Experience as an SRE or in an Ops capacity at some point in your career is a plus.
About Us
Observe's mission is to turn business data into information. Our SaaS Observability product ingests anything with a timestamp - logs, metrics, traces - and then curates and relates that data to provide unique insights into a customer’s data universe. If a customer has a problem on the application layer, engineering teams can seamlessly find the root cause of the issue whether that’s a new release pushed to production from Jenkins, or an underlying database or memory issue. We enable engineers to spend more time coding features and less time investigating incidents. We reduce outages and issues with customer experience. And we leverage an elastic cloud architecture so that customers only pay for what they use. To learn more about Observe, visit or join the conversation on Twitter @Observe_Inc.
Observe Inc. is a diversity-friendly zone. We seek to assemble a heterogeneous team where employees from all backgrounds can feel valued, appreciated, and celebrated, and where individual development does not come second to our collective goals.