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IT and Facilities Manager



IT, Operations
Posted on Saturday, May 11, 2024

Company Description


Let’s be honest: there are lots of people out there doing what we do. We’re just not convinced they’re doing it right. Businesses are hungry for innovation and opportunity, but not at the cost of their independence. At Ollion, we’ve connected companies and capabilities around the world to help ambitious organizations make the most of their transformation and leave the status quo in the dust.


Innovation is risky. It demands bold steps and big questions, but that’s the price of making change. We’ve got our head in the cloud and two feet on the ground, channeling tech’s endless potential towards a single goal: making a world of difference. And we’re building a global team to do just that— a team capable of making game-changing breakthroughs without ever losing sight of the people it will impact. This is more than consulting. This is the change you can be.


At Ollion, we’re all in on your independence. Our teams are seasoned. Our solutions are straightforward—sometimes even groundbreaking. And our engagements? Exactly as long as you want them to be. We deliver fresh thinking and hard-earned insight in a way that works for you and your customers, arming your organization with everything you need to make your transformation truly mean something.

WORKING WITH OLLION (our clients’ experiences)

Progress matters more than process. Our global team of cloud-native pros is all about creating new and better ways to work—not just by solving your tech challenges, but by using technology to solve your business challenges. We keep the formulas, frameworks, and ten-point plans to a minimum, tackling your most pressing problems with a proprietary mix of good-old-fashioned ingenuity and refreshing humanity.


One of our cultural keystones, ‘Find the angle’ recognizes that every individual has different aspirations, needs and brings a unique perspective.

We value diversity, inclusion, and equity (DE&I) as core to our success. We believe that a diverse workforce brings together unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas, leading to innovation, creativity, and better outcomes for our clients and our organization. We are on a journey and are committed to building a workplace that celebrates and respects individuals from all backgrounds, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, and cultural heritage.

As our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in our:

  • Awareness and sensitisation programs: to create awareness and sensitisation. We encourage open dialogue, active listening, and mutual respect, creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone to contribute their unique perspectives and ideas.
  • Dedicated efforts to building diverse teams: that leverage the strength of our differences to tackle complex challenges and drive innovation. By embracing diversity, we broaden our collective knowledge, enhance problem-solving capabilities, and unlock limitless potential for our employees.

Job Description

The Role

This role supports daily office and technology operations in Singapore and is crucial for the functionality and efficiency of our business. The IT & Office Management Lead will ensure operational continuity, drive productivity, safeguard the company’s assets and information, facilitate resource optimisation and maintain a great employee experience for our Oll-Stars. With these different responsibilities, you would need to possess not only excellent technical but also outstanding people and organisational skills.

The nature of this role requires you are physically available in the office on a daily basis. While routine maintenance and scheduled support activities will take place during regular office hours, you may also be required to render emergency support and site assistance in extraordinary circumstances outside normal business hours.

Job Responsibilities

For both IT support and workplace management, you will oversee:

  • Maintenance and Updates: Perform routine maintenance and updates to ensure IT and Office systems run smoothly and continue to meet the needs of the organization without interruption. Regularly monitor IT and Office technology systems to ensure they operate securely and efficiently. This also involves checking for potential issues before they become actual problems that impact users.

  • Security: Implement and maintain basic security measures, oversee office access and keys, antivirus software updates, and educate users on potential security risks and the necessary protocols to minimize risks and ensure compliance.

  • Documentation: Responsible for managing local assets within the Asset register. Keep detailed records of user queries, issues, and relevant resolutions for future reference, and to aid in the resolution of future problems.

  • User feedback: Collect formal and informal user feedback on a regular basis to monitor satisfaction levels and identify opportunities for improvement.

Specific to each domain, you will drive operational excellence in the following areas:

IT Technical Support

  • Technical Support and User Assistance: Provide first-line response to users requiring assistance with IT issues and queries, particularly those involving hardware and in-office technology. Offer timely advice and support on systems and applications, providing necessary training to users to enhance their understanding and efficient use of IT resources. This involves troubleshooting problems and resolving them either in person, via phone, or virtual tools and working closely with the regional IT support team:

    • Responsible for managing VC solutions

    • Responsible for managing Meraki switches and routers in the office

    • Troubleshoot general Mac OSX and Windows OS Issues, Update, Upgrade and

    • Troubleshoot Printer, Scanner and other peripheral issues

    • Responsible for managing IT Networks onsite including but not limited to, troubleshooting Firewalls, Switches, Access Points and WAN

    • Responsible for managing org wide G-Suite Administration (GWS)

    • Responsible for administering regional JAMF and Intune system management tools

  • Problem Diagnosis: Analyze problems with hardware, software, and applications to identify root causes of issues. This includes asking precise questions to pinpoint the exact issue and employing diagnostic tools to assist in troubleshooting.

  • Issue Resolution: In close coordination with the regional IT team, address user tickets regarding technical problems, managing each issue through to resolution, ensuring minimal disruption to the user's operations.

  • Project Assistance: Assist in IT projects, including the rollout of new software, migration of data, hardware upgrades, integration between systems, often coordinating with other departments to ensure smooth execution.

  • Vendor management: Work with vendors on need basis for triaging issues not limited to hardware and internet service providers

Workplace Management

  • Site operations: Oversee all facilities management services for our cool 4,000sqft office, such as cleaning, plants, pest control, fire safety, HVAC, electrical, waste and other repair & maintenance, stationery and pantry supply, locker management, meeting rooms, utilities, support during emergency, key control management.

  • Daily office inspections: Perform daily routine office inspections and take proactive measures to address issues to ensure the workspace and meeting facilities meet our standards and set our Oll-Stars up for success.

  • Vendor management: Ensure facilities vendors are well managed, delivering services on-time and within budget.

  • Regulations and Compliance: Ensure the provision of a safe and secure working environment, and compliance with statutory regulations on fire, health and safety standards.

  • Event management: In collaboration with HR, organize Oll-Star events, either in the office or offsite.

  • Onboarding new employees: Provide hardware and system configuration for new employees, with the aim of enabling new joiners’ productivity as soon as possible. Ensure new employees are fully briefed on workspace policies, resources and in-office technology.

  • Hospitality: Welcome visitors to the office, support their set up, manage security aspects

  • Continuous Improvement: Identify opportunities for improvement and cost reduction through the regular review of our Workplace Policy and Operating Procedures and daily operational reviews.



  • Should have handled large conference rooms solutioning

  • Should have working knowledge on SOC2, DPTM and PDPA compliances

  • Must have 7+ Yrs experience in IT support and system administration.

  • Should have 3-5 years experience managing offices / facilities

  • Advanced knowledge of Windows, and macOS.

  • Experience working with G-Suite Administration


  • Excellent customer service mindset and skills - Anticipate user concerns and queries, interact in a professional and courteous manner, with the intent to solve user problems and deliver a good employee experience.

  • Communication Skills: Clear communication is key, both in understanding the issues reported by users and in explaining solutions in a way that end users can easily understand.

  • Problem-Solving Skills: Able to diagnose issues quickly and effectively, and think critically to come up with both immediate and long-term solutions.

  • Patience and Empathy: IT and Office Management roles often involve dealing with frustrated users. Patience and empathy are necessary to handle such situations calmly and effectively, ensuring users feel supported and valued.

  • Attention to Detail: Small details can often be the difference between a recurring issue and a permanent solution. Paying close attention to the specific configurations and settings within a user’s system is important.

  • Adaptability: Technology evolves rapidly, and so do the problems and solutions. Being able to adapt to new tools, systems, and processes is essential for staying effective in an IT support role.

  • Teamwork: While much of the work may be done independently, you also need to collaborate with other departments to resolve issues and improve systems.

  • Organizational Skills: Managing multiple issues, following up on unresolved tickets, keeping detailed records of interactions and solutions—these tasks require excellent organizational skills.

  • Learning and Development: A commitment to continuous learning and professional development is important as new technologies emerge and old ones get updated or replaced.

  • Culture Carrier: As the Manager of our daily operations, you are a critical ambassador of our brand and employee value proposition. A commitment to the Ollion values, and outgoing personality and enthusiasm are critical.

Additional Information


Our employees multiply their potential because they have opportunities to: Create a lasting Impact, Learn and Grow professionally & personally, Experience great Culture, and Be your Whole Self!

Beyond an amazing, collaborative work environment, great people, and inspiring, innovative work, we have some great benefits and perks:

  • Benchmarked, competitive, in-market total rewards package including (but not limited to): base salary & short-term incentive for all employees
  • We are a virtual-by-default, small but Global organization; ‘learn wherever, whenever’ frees our people from a rigid view of learning and growth
  • Retirement planning (i.e. CPF, EPF, company-matched 401(k))
  • Globally, we build benefit plans that offer choices for whatever stage in life our employees are in and allow for flexibility as life happens. Employees have access to a fully comprehensive benefits package to choose the medical, dental, and vision insurance plan that best fits their lives. In addition to great healthcare coverage, we also offer all employees mental health resources and additional wellness programs.
  • Generous time off and leave allowances
  • And more!

p in an employee organization, parental status, military service, or other non-merit factor.

Ollion is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Ollion does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, parental status, military service, or other non-merit factor.