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Lead Frontend Engineer (Hybrid)


Software Engineering
Seattle, WA, USA
Posted on Friday, December 30, 2022
Building data and AI-driven apps is still way too hard, even for advanced developers. At Spice AI, we’re helping developers combine code with data and machine learning (ML) to create truly data and AI-driven applications. Spice AI is on a mission to make this as easy as creating a modern web page. 
There is no ecosystem more data-rich than web3 and blockchains. Ironically, while most blockchains are public and open, extracting data to power apps and ML is painfully difficult. Spice is making terabyte (and eventually petabyte) blockchain datasets and ML models accessible to developers, data scientists, data engineers, and AI/ML engineers. 
At Spice AI, we're building a platform for the next generation of data and AI-driven applications, starting with web3. The platform includes (data and AI infrastructure for web3) and OSS (time-series AI for developers). 
The Role
We are seeking a highly skilled Frontend Engineer to join our team at Spice AI. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in design, as well as experience with React, Typescript, TailwindCSS, NextJS, and Figma along with developer workflows in developer services like GitHub. The ideal candidate is just as comfortable in Figma and a debugger. Experience in designing developer tools and services is a must for this role.
As the Lead Frontend Engineer, you will be responsible for designing and building intuitive and visually stunning user experiences for our community data and AI platform,, with a focus on developers and data engineers. You will work closely with our Product and Engineering teams to define and implement innovative design solutions, while also ensuring that the frontend codebase is clean, performant, maintainable, and scalable.
To be successful in this role, you should have a strong portfolio of design work and a proven track record of building high-quality frontend applications. You should also have excellent communication skills, problem-solving ability, and desire to work collaboratively in a team environment.