What is TROOP, and why should I care?

It all starts with the question, “Where do we meet?”: Click here to see TROOP's explainer video.

TROOP is a data aggregation and visualization technology that helps corporations identify the best meeting location in minutes using real-time data rather than opinions.


TROOP is on a mission to reinvent meeting planning, taking an inefficient, drawn-out, and laborious process today and making it simple and quick for anyone to organize a meeting. Workforces are now distributed and no longer office-based every day, meaning that yesterday's commuter has become tomorrow's business traveler. Having up-to-date data to decide whether to meet in person, virtually or in a hybrid format is a must-have for companies of any size; however, this has been available to access dynamically from a single source just now with TROOP.

As companies focus on their environmental commitments, they are turning to TROOP to help guide their teams as they aim to keep to carbon targets.

The purpose of a meeting is more important than ever to understand, and when approving a meeting, the costs and time spent traveling are key data to inform this investment decision.

Staff wellness is vital to optimizing performance in today's workforce. Understanding the impact on staff when planning a meeting by understanding the range of time zones people are attending and the time spent traveling to participate in the meeting allows for more thoughtful scheduling and choice of location. We have ambitious goals to be the leading solution in introducing an end-to-end experience, including booking, taking our data to where the conversation is being had, and much more.

TROOP's Culture

Our culture is built on an African philosophy called "Ubuntu," which means "I am because we are." It refers to an environment of interdependence, the state of being dependent upon one another - Trust. We call ourselves TROOPers, and we are people seeking adventure, challenging the status quo, enjoying innovating, and wanting to be part of something special. We are doers who roll up our sleeves and get into the details; we own the problem and only stop once it is solved.

We are looking for DevOps Engineers who are passionate about engineering productivity, automation, and building highly available and secure infrastructure systems. If you are passionate about working collaboratively with engineering teams to solve complex infrastructure problems, come join us. If you want to work with modern infrastructure tools, technologies, and techniques, this opportunity is for you!

What you'll be doing:

  • Assessing current systems and processes and developing ways to improve them.
  • Working with developers and other IT colleagues to oversee code releases.
  • Planning out infrastructure projects.
  • Ensuring infrastructure is supporting development workflows and development tooling.
  • Documenting your work.


What you would need to have:

  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code, we use Terraform (using and writing modules)
  • Experience with Kubernetes.
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills, including the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

What would be a plus:

  • Background with a programming language.
  • Experience with GCP.
  • Experience with ArgoCD.
  • Experience with Gitlab.
  • Experience with the concept “Everything as Code.”

What will you gain:

  • Insights into a modern GitOps-based system for Kubernetes
  • Insights into GCP
  • Technical support where needed from your lead engineer.


At TROOP, you will enjoy the following:

  • Fair pay based on qualifications, experience, and fit for the role.
  • The ability to work from anywhere (WFA within our respective time zones)
  • Being part of the initial team of a fast-growing technology company
  • An incredible team and value-driven culture... See here:
  • Being part of a fast-growing technology company which is supported by top investors.