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Twinstrand Biosciences
Twinstrand Biosciences

We are a vibrant young company committed to science first. Our mission is to develop and deliver the unprecedented accuracy of TwinStrand Duplex Sequencing™ technology for applications in clinical medicine and life sciences where it can do the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Our approach is multifaceted and encompasses internal development projects, external collaborations and empowering of partner organizations. TwinStrand Duplex Sequencing™ technology is an ultra-high accuracy, error-corrected sequencing method that overcomes the limitations of NGS by independently tracking both strands of individual DNA molecules. Utilizing our multi-patented novel chemistry and cloud-based bioinformatics, the paired sequences are compared to eliminate errors, reducing error rates from 1-in-100 to 1-in-10 million, revealing ultra-low frequency variants.
Seattle, WA, USA
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